About Us


I am  Rashmi, a motivational blogger. Some of you may visit my blog livewithstyle19. Writing is my passion and hobby. I love to read blogs and articles on internet. From reading so many blogs and articles I got an inspiration to write articles and publish them in my own blog. So, I decided to create my own blog and share my writings to others.

All I wanted to inspire people as well as increase their confidence level through my writings. My aim is to make people more positive towards their life. Everybody have some problems in their lives, I want to focus on those problems and try give some solutions to those problems. Each and every blog post on my blog is written in those topics with which everyone is familiar and could relate themselves. I not only focus on the problems of individuals only, my blog posts are about social issues also.

Writing is my passion now but about a year ago writing was not my cup of tea. I am not saying I could not write. I could write but I was afraid of posting my writings on the social media due to lack of confidence. One day I had decided step out of my comfort zone and create my own blog site and create a blog. From that day I become a blogger. That day I learn a lesson that our will power and dedication only help us to fulfill our dreams.

Like me many of you have good writing skills but afraid to share them. This site is for you all Friends, where you can share any kind of  writing (stories, poems, reviews,articles etc.) with all over the world through this site.



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