Sunrise Quotes…

“When you are depressed, frustrated or angry about anything, try to wake up in the morning and see the sunrise. It will give you a new strength to move on.”                                                                                                                                          -Arnjit   “The sound of morning can heal all your pain and give you a new ray of hope with the sunrise.”  - Arnjit … Continue reading Sunrise Quotes…


Sexual Harassment at Workplace…


Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual conduct which makes a person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated where that reaction is reasonable in the circumstances. Sexual harassment is a violation of women’s human rights and dignity. It is a prohibited form of violence against women in many countries including India. Sexually harassing conduct causes devastating physical and psychological injuries to a large percentage of women around the world.

Both men and women can experience sexual harassment at work; however, it is most commonly experienced by women. These types of incidents are happened mostly in private organizations.


Women are much more likely to be victims of sexual harassment because they more often lack of power, are in more vulnerable and insecure positions, lack of self confidence, or have been socialized to suffer in silence.

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In many countries around the world includes a…

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Accept Responsibilities for all your Actions…


“In our lives everyone makes mistake,

But if you don’t have the courage to face it then,

You are the biggest loser….”



This beautiful quote is written by my friend Arnjit… Write your thoughts on this quote in the comment section below…


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